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Albilal and Associates supports this forum with the overall goal of creating a starting place, an initial team, and a growth and maintenance plan for this shared forum. What the forum means, its purpose and its




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Design and key components:

To summarize: The PolicyThinkshop is an online forum for developing Albilal&Associates’ public domain, nonprofit projects with an aim to develop new resources and networks within the public policy field in the US. In its engagement with community stakeholders it seeks to do so in a pro bono relationship as it seeks to promote the public interest as defined in collaboration in its various forums (The Policy Thinkshop, PolicyABCs.Org, Albilal & Associates, and various ad hoc meetings and convenings with the purpose of developing community sharing forums and community impact projects that will then be varied out by entities in communication with but not necessarily representing nor acting on behalf of Albilal & Associates and its representatives and agents. Public Policy is social agreement written down as a universal guide for social action. We at The Policy ThinkShop share information so others can think and act in the best possible understanding of “The Public Interest.”

The ABCs of public policy begins with ACCESS.

The various institutions that impact your social sector environment and service areas constantly discuss and address emerging issues affecting your social sector work and the various policies, funding decisions and regulations impacted by the actions of those institutions. This forum is dedicated to following those conversations and sharing with you.

The price of admission to the public policy conversation impacting your work in the social sector is knowledge. The “ABCs” of public policy begins with ACCESS. This online forum is your medium and gateway to connect to the various conversations now going on addressing social sector issues that will impact your particular stake in the social sector. As a social sector stake holder you are in the right place. A place where you can contribute and gain to grow the common ground and resources we all need to nurture in order to build a shared vision, relevant resources, and social capital that moves a progressive agenda to promote our shared vision.

Think, Collaborate, Act with us …

The evolution of AI, the internet, the use of personal computers, and smartphones together

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The PolicyThinkshop Blog

Working with our team: Albilal & Associates is a network of experts, advisors and technical assistance professionals committed to working with nonprofit entities in the public interest. We can engage with your organization and/or team through various forums depending on your current social impact goals and objectives…

A team of social sector advisors:

  • Able to Tailor a helping relationship to meet your current and emerging administration, policy and planning needs
  • Experienced, Trusted and Confidential
  • Ready to move your agenda, plan and strategy
  • Knowledgable about your organization, service sector and region
  • Experienced with the stakeholders you need in order to sustain and grow your success

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